Artist's Way


The National Novel Writing Month is soon upon us this November. I have actually dreamed of writing a novel with index cards with chapters numbered out. I can’t decide whether to write fiction or memoir. In years past I wrote fiction romance stories about romantic love I knew nothing about. I rationalized that if I wrote about romantic love I could manifest it in my life. Instead I have broken abusive codependent relationships that triggered my mental breakdowns. I attempted in 2003 to write my memoir but it came out in a series of poetry. If I could be anything I am a writer. I am mad at myself for not keeping a promise to myself to buy a computer with my first paycheck. I let my coworker talk me out of getting the computer because she said it wasn’t important, but it was important to me. So I have my cellphone and notebooks to work with. I can always use the library to write my words on the library computer. I think when it comes to a draft I prefer to hand write my story and then when it comes to editing to retype. So this October I am planning my writing for November. Anybody out there writing in NaNoWriMo 2016?