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Doreen Virtue and Tarot



On Aug 21, 2017, Doreen Virtue PhD posted this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKVAzoYkOMY about her conversion to Christianity. Of course the US is a country of Religious Freedom where we celebrate everybody’s right to explore religion anyway they want. As a person who attended Unitarian Universalist Churches I strongly support the exploration of religions. Personally, I believe in Jesus but I don’t use the Christian label because of the history of Christianity that includes burning witches and the genocide of Native American people. As a Native American of the Mohican tribe I can not support the term Christianity that was forced upon Native Americans by abducting Native American children and throwing them in Boarding Schools with the sole purpose of destroying Indianess. As a Native American Witch who believes in Jesus but not the persecution of Witches by those called Christians I refuse to claim myself as a Christian. Even though I have very strong beliefs against Christianity I don’t have a problem with Jesus himself. Jesus wasn’t a Christian he was Jewish. Jesus lived a life of love and compassion which is what I value. For a long time, I felt very supported by Doreen Virtue by her spiritual path as a spiritual teacher which I looked up to. However, now I fear that in the process of claiming Christianity has Doreen Virtue also claimed Christianity’s hatred against witches?  If I would introduce myself to Doreen Virtue as a Native American Witch, would she be against me for being a witch like so many other Christians before her? I listened to Doreen’s video very carefully and I have yet to hear Doreen’s Virtue’s public views now on witches through her Christian eyes. So I wonder if she is also against witches now that she is a Christian? As a spiritual teacher does Doreen now teach against witches?

However, Doreen Virtue has come out in her video clearly against Tarot so much she is refusing to sell Tarot anymore and is even going so far to remove her name from her current Tarot decks. I purchased her Archangel Power Tarot Deck. It doesn’t make me feel good anymore about this deck the way I used to. I loved her original interpretation of the Tarot deck with Angels as a wonderful blending of both worlds. So yes I do take it personally now that she rejects Tarot and I am feeling that when she does that she is rejecting a part of me too. I always viewed Doreen Virtue as a motherly spiritual teacher very comforting. However now I feel her choosing to denounce Tarot is sending the message that there is something wrong with following Tarot. I have been told many times that Tarot originated in the Christian church and was originally used by the Christian priests. Somehow Doreen is missing out this vital piece of information. I don’t believe that the use of Tarot goes against Jesus himself.  Historically Tarot did not go against Christianity either since Christianity gave birth to Tarot.  

Another issue is that there are a lot of people who bought Tarot certification from Doreen Virtue. What now is the worth of those Tarot certificates when the teacher and creator is giving the world the message that there is something wrong with Tarot. There are many people who spent a lot of money just so they could say they were Tarot certified by Doreen Virtue.  Does Doreen care that by rejecting her Tarot certification it is going to cause financial harm to her followers?

I recently purchased an online course about Life Purpose by Doreen Virtue and her son Charles. Since Doreen came out in name a Christian the same name of the group of people that crucified Native Americans and witches, I am starting to question the value of this course I just purchased. My Life Purpose is very connected to me living as a Native American Witch. Even though Doreen Virtue has not publicly stated that she is against witches, I feel that she would actually turn against me and that she would believe that my Life Purpose is wrong and I am living the wrong path.  

In abandoning Tarot and choosing Christianity knowing how Christians are against witches, I feel like Doreen Virtue has also abandoned me as a Native American witch. That makes me feel sad to be rejected. In rejecting Tarot, Doreen is sending a message that it is bad to use Tarot and that is a harmful judgment against people who do use Tarot. That negative judgment carries over to my Doreen Virtue Archangel Power Tarot  Deck. When I look at the Archangel Power Tarot Deck when I see Doreen Virtue’s name on them it’s now stamped with her negative judgment about Tarot. They now have been poisoned that I am not a good enough believer in Jesus because I use Tarot.

I am not against Doreen Virtue for personal exploring a religious path which is her personal right. What I object to is that Doreen Virtue positioned herself as a spiritual teacher and collected a lot of money for being that spiritual teacher. I believe that makes Doreen also accountable to her followers too. As a spiritual teacher she is now teaching that Tarot is wrong and evil that and to believe in Jesus you have to abandon Tarot. That is a spiritual teaching that I am against. To me that is what is enraging people. As much as she says she only believes in love, I strongly believe that teaching people that Tarot is bad is not a loving act by her and she is causing harm by doing that. Her new position is offensive and hurtful to people who trusted her and parted with their money to her to show that faith. It is a negative spiritual judgment that is causing people to react so strongly against her. It is no longer just a personal choice but is now her policy as a spiritual teacher to teach the masses the evilness of Tarot and that it is against Jesus.  How in good conscience can I let in such negative teachings? No matter how many biblical quotes she makes or how many times she prays in her videos doesn’t negate the fact that she now teaches Tarot is wrong for followers of Jesus and everybody else.  Why would I want to follow that path? 


3 thoughts on “Doreen Virtue and Tarot”

  1. Well said!! I agree, I like Jesus, but I do not call myself a Christian. And Christianity seems to have very little to do with Jesus.

    The whole Doreen Virtue thing is so crazy!To hear her say happily that only Jesus saves, and that he is not a “teddy bear” but much harder and that he will denounce all who don’t follow him (and presumably throw in hell) is crazy. She calls that love? That makes her happy?

    What makes me angry and sad also is that Doreen Virtue has always explicitly focussed on people who were very high sensitive and/or traumatized, telling them that her products were made for them and were save for them etc (read the blurb on the Archangel Power Tarot for example: “for highly sensitive people who need encouragement… “). If you do that you have to be very careful when you change course, you have the responsibility to be as gentle as possible making sure you don’t do serious damage, some of her followers are bound to be very fragile some struggling with depression etc.! But Doreen Virtue did the opposite! Is she hoping that by pulling the rug out from under them they will be helpless and cling to her and go with her on her new path? That is a cynical thought but I can’t help wonder. Why else would a person (after nearly 20 years (!) of being ultra kind and sensitive to the sensitive) suddenly act so callous and cruel?

    However I won’t be throwing away the tarot decks she made, the messages on them feel right. And they are pretty much the same as the messages received by other Angel- writers I read (many of those books published long before Doreen Virtue started to write about angels), and they feel like the kind of answers I sense when I focus on the Angelic pretence..Also I think that the tarots were primarily written by Radleigh Valentine. To tell you the truth I always wondered how much Doreen really wrote herself, she published so much, while she travelled so much, and did so many other things. A lot of the books and decks with her name on it seem nothing more than a repackaging of things written before by other writers. And the decks and books she co- authored seemed more something that others created and she put her name on (like a certain person called Trump does a lot)


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