Artist's Way

Week 2 Artist’s Way Check In

Today is Week 2 Check In with The Artist’s Way. I have been working hard on my business plan. I attended four online business meetings. I joined the group Women Who Rock Business run by Sage Lavine. I was blessed with a free copy of Sage Lavine’s book “Women Who Rock Business” worth $33. I was reading over the bonus materials that came with the book. You can join Sage Lavine’s group Women Who Rock Business Sister at
I was going to write a memoir. But then Sage Lavine said you can’t make money on memoir. That the real money is in how to books. But I don’t know how to write a how to books. Now I don’t know what to write. I am trying to come up with products for my business.
I made a Skype call to MrMalhtora on advice on how to set up a schedule for my YouTube channel. MrMalhtora and Michael Buckley co-authored a book “How To Become a YouTuber” which I purchased and gave five stars on Amazon. I signed up for the free trial at their How To Be a YouTuber website. Today I have a call with Michael Buckley to talk about my YouTube channel and my business plan. Michael Buckley is a famous YouTuber and a Life Coach.
I wrote in my Morning Pages today about the quality of my relationships. I reviewed my encounters with people since I moved to Milwaukee, WI. I realized how important relationships are to me. I am brainstorming ways to improve the quality of my relationships.
My Artist’s Date I read the book Money Drunk Money Sober by Julia Cameron. I have a lot of blocks around money. I grew up in poverty. My mom was on welfare. I grew up in foster care. I spent 21 years on disability. I don’t know how to make money. 
Week 2 of The Artist’s Way is Recovering a Sense of Identity. I have spent over two decades on disability that I struggle with what is my Life Purpose. I took an online course on Life Purpose. I am trying to define my Life Purpose as a Writer, Peer Specialist, and YouTube Partner.

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