Artist's Way

Artist’s Way Week 3 Check In

This is the completion of the third week of The Artist’s Way. I have been researching memoirs for my business plan. I have been trying to find the annual sales for memoirs in 2016. I have been talking to three Life Coaches about my business plan and I have been getting conflicting messages. I had a Life Coach say that I can’t make money on books and only celebrities make money on memoirs. Then he didn’t schedule another Life Coach session. I felt kicked in the teeth. I had another coach cancel our meeting because of the Hurricane. I had another Life Coach say I can make money on memoir and books if I face the trauma that is bringing people who say I can’t. Right now because of the mixed signals I am confused as to what products I should be focusing on. I bought a book on how to publish a nonfiction. I still have a book on money by Julia Cameron and another book on publishing to read. I joined a group for social media and business. Because of the delays I have rescheduled my due date for Oct 31, 2017 Halloween.
I have decided that I am going to setup a weekly schedule on Mondays to upload my videos. I was also thinking of also writing a blog on the same topic also on Monday.
I have been writing in my Morning Pages and it has become a great source of comfort to me.I have been feeling stressed with everything that I have been going through I am making progress but there is just so much to do. My to do list is very long.
My Artist’s Date I watched vloggers on YouTube. I watched John and Hank Green from Vlogbrothers, Tyler Oakley who celebrated 10 years on YouTube, live shows by Michael Buckley & Angela Belcamino, Michelle Phan, Phil DeFranco, and Shane Dawson. These YouTubers are really successful. I look up to them as rolemodels. I studied some of their life’s stories. They are the reason I am so proud to be part of the YouTube community. I have been a YouTuber for 11 years.

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