Artist's Way

Artist’s Way Week 5 Check In – Copyright Infringement

Week 5 Artist’s Way Check In. What an overwhelming week! I saw that my artwork “Woman Praying” was stolen by an author Robin Griggs and used on her book Broken:2B or Not 2B That is The? as well as t-shirts, banners, posters, website, and social media. Robin did not receive my permission to use my artwork and I did not receive any monetary compensation. I received an enormous amount of support from my friends and other artists and writers. Lots of helpful suggestions on how and where to file copyright infringement reports. The majority were outraged that happened to me and many recommended into finding a lawyer. Which I am looking into. I so far filled copyright infringement reports with Amazon, Facebook, and the webhost Squarespace. Amazon said they received my report and will get back to me in two days. Facebook responded and agreed Robin violated my intellectual property rights and since Robin’s Facebook Page Broken has been removed. Thank you so much for everybody who helped me and agreed my intellectual property rights were violated. Thank you for every post that gave me resources and direction on what to do. Thank you for everybody’s encouragement and support. I felt so powerless in the beginning but all you have empowered me to stand up for myself. Thank you all who encourage me as an artist.
I am writing a memoir “Mohican Forever!” and I created a Mohican Forever! Facebook group to create a community to support my creative journey creating this book. Topics to explore is Native American culture, Mohican tribe, mental health, art, music, movies, plus more. To join
My Morning Pages are always inspiring. My Artist’s Dates were watching YouTube videos from YouTube stars.

Still working on writing my writer’s business plan. I have been researching business articles and webinars. I haven’t made as much progress as I like because of the whole protecting my artwork that has been going on.

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