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Banning Talk About Being Native American.

If you are Native American I would not recommend you go here. or

Three owners claim to be Native American yet they outright ban talk about being Native American. They claim to do this to stop cultural appropriation. Reality is that banning talking about being Native American is actually a form of racism. Yes it is possible to discriminate against your own kind. Censoring and banning talk about being Native American only causes public shaming for Native American Witches to be open and out in the public forcing them to hide in shadows. Witches talking about their Native American culture is very important part of who they are and to the world. A Native American talking about their own Native American experiences is not cultural appropriation.
Medicine Woman Hail Eagle Woman from my tribe shared about Native American religion openly and with other cultures. Her Native American religion teachings were not closed. We need more Native American teachers to teach Native American culture to curb cultural appropriation. Banning talk about Native American culture only bans Native American Witches which is wrong. There are groups of Native American Witches that freely talk about their real life Native American experiences. I would like to see more Native American Witches proudly say who they are out in the open and openly talk about their real Native American experiences.
So again don’t go here if you are a Native American Witch. The three Witches who are so called Native American will ban you for mentioning your tribe, your Native American heritage, your Native American cultural experiences, or any Native American issues.

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