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Walking in This World Check In April 3, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

This is week two check-in in “Walking in This World” by Julia Cameron. I was able to do 5 out 7 days writing my Morning Pages. I recently received some very bad news and I found myself shutting down and unable to write on the last days. I turned to outside help and they have been helping me work through it.

I did the Artist’s Date that Julia Cameron indicated in Task: Identify Your Identity on page 41 which states “Schedule an hour’s undivided time and take your adult self on some small walking adventure. Do not be surprised if many feelings and intutions and insights bubble to the surface during this Artist’s Date.” I ventured out from my home into the overcast day wearing my light coat. I walk with difficulty because of my physical handicap. I can only walk so long so I go to the nearest coffee shop to get a refreshment of Clementine soda, strawberry yogurt, and a glazed doughnut. I hadn’t had breakfast yet and I was hungry. I watched other people enjoying their coffee typing away in their keyboards. I ate quickly because I wanted to get out to walking again. I walked to a local store to find they were not open. I walked to a gym and watched people excercising on exercise machines. Wondering what their pool looked like. I walked as far as I could and finally sat down at a bus stop. I waved passed a bus that thought I might want to catch the bus which I didn’t. Just as I was sitting at the bus stop the sun finally broke through the clouds. It was beautiful to behold everything in glowing radiant sunlight. I miss the days when I could walk comfortably. I used to take very long walks in the past. Today, I am glad I could walk as much as I could during the hour. It felt good to be a part of the community.

In addition to Julia Cameron’s indicated Artist’s Date hour walk, I also did the recommended 20 minute walk. It was a short walk in my neighborhood where I had an appointment. Not as leisurely as the Artist’s Date’s hour walk because I was trying to make the appointment on time. It was a good walk though. Still wanting to take my camera on my walk to take pictures.

Issue of recovery was focusing on self care and security. I am glad I asked for help and I shared what went on with me this past week because of the bad news and how it impacts my ability to move forward. Strong feelings over the situation surfaced and I was able to get support from others and do extra self care to handle it all. The excellent self care portion of my creativity contract comes to mind right now.

Warm regards,

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Signing the Creativity Contract


       For me signing the Creativity Contract is most important part of “The Artist’s Way” or “Walking in This World” journey. While yes I am agreeing to use the tools, readings, tasks, and check-ins more importantly I am making a promise to myself to take excellent self care of myself. That I get proper amount of sleep, wholesome nourishing food, and gentle companionship are vital for my creative recovery journey.
I decorated my Creativity Contract and placed it near my computer desk where I can prominently see it. I like the colors because they’re so vibrant and alive. I selected this particular image because of several reasons. It reminded me of the story of Footprints in the Sand. The direction of the foot prints also makes me think of Creator walking towards me or that I am walking closer to myself get to know myself better.
Have you signed your creativity contract? Have you decorated your creative contract and made it your own? Have you hung up your creativity contract where you can see it and remind yourself of your commitment to yourself?


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Walking in this World journey begins Monday March 19, 2012

Starting Mon March 19, 2012 we will be going through

Artist’s Way 2:”Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron.

Check Ins are weekly each Mondays

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Everyone will need to get their own copy of “Walking In This World” by Julia Cameron. Monday March 19 we begin week one together as a group. Then on the following Monday March 26 we as a group do the check in at the end of the chapter by posting check ins at the group site. We go week by week doing each week’s check in on Mondays. Throughout the week members can post questions, insights, and things to share.

Look forward to seeing you there,


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Artist’s Way Check In: March 5, 2012

Greetings fellow travelers,

I took a test asking “Where you are at your creative spiritual journey” by soul artist Laura Hollick at Laura Hollick is creator of Soul Art studio, a business devoted to guiding people to create their life and business as an expression of their creative spirit. When I took my test I received the result that I was being initated into my spiritual journey.

These are the questions and following with my answers.

  • How would you describe your life now? You feel deeply challenged and overwhelmed by everything that is happening right now.
  • What makes your heart sing? Being creative.
  • What are you most proud of? Experiencing spiritual depth.
  • What challenges you? Everything feels hard right now.
  • What is the transformation you are seeking? Transform struggling into thriving.
  • What is your view on money? I’m more focused on spiritual things.
  • What is your physical experience? I have so many health issues, I am afraid of what my body is doing.
  • How do you think people perceive you? They think I’m a mess.
  • What is your top priority now? Love
  • What is your top burning question? How am I going to survive this?

My test results are:

You are in the Initiation Stage of the Creative Spiritual Journey
Right now you are being initiated by your spirit to take a journey. Often Initiations come in disguise as something difficult, challenging, painful or traumatic. The reason spirit calls us in such dramatic ways is because it knows it needs something that will get our attention. The challenges you face today are opportunities to deepen your connection with your spirit. Now is the time to take a Creative Spiritual Journey to heal and transform into the person you are born to be.”

The recommendation is to Transform your Fears. The Initiation stage offers an opportunity to heal deep fears and inner wounds. Transforming your fears is critical to moving through the Initiation stage of the journey. It allows you to step into the life you are born to live. The Transform your Fears audio is designed to guide you through your fears and limiting beliefs so you can be who you dream of being.”

Well I do believe this quiz best sums up where I am at. I am currently going through health problems on the verge of starting a creative spiritual journey “Walking in This World” journey which is basically Artist’s Way 2 on Monday March 19 going to June 18, 2012. A synchronicity, I also have an oppotunity to faciltate a talking circle and the first day I was to begin I get a head cold and lose my voice. I need to take time to heal, rest, and dream. I slept so much I was unable to do a single Morning Page unfortunately since I slept well past the morning in order to heal.

I was able to take breaks doing my online puzzle game hunting down clues and playing memory games. So, far I have acquired a significant number of trophies. I completed a quest that rewarded me with a huge Gold Dragon that I feature on my estate. Looks like a large rummage sale though with all the awards and purchases I have placed on the grounds. lol

Recovery issues are about fears and patience. I love the idea of starting a new level of “Artist’s Way” journey through “Walking in This World” and facilitating the talking circle. Both are in line with my dreams and desires, but both take commitment and work. I have been feeling anxiety over startin new projects. I am the kind of person that is used to hiding. It takes a lot of me to muster the courage to rise to the occasion. I often find myself wanting to express myself fully but then I block myself. I want to tap the potential that is within me especially in the creative and spiritual areas of my life. I know fear is stopping me being fully who I am. I desire to be comfortable being seen who I am. I enjoy feeling my life has a purpose and the creative juices flowing. I want to shift my perspective to joy.

When fear shows up I feel like avoiding, lack of clarity, feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed, doubting whether I can do something, and worrying about how I’ll be perceived. I want to transform the fears that are keeping me stuck, to tap into my courage, to create a life that supports my dreams, to return to a flowing state once fear has struck, and to expand and evolve into my potential. But all of this takes patience such as handing over my fears to my higher power, letting go and letting God, and saying the serenity prayer. Slowly, I am learning the tools to deal with my fears and to take steps into prosperity.

I also took another Laura Hollick quiz that asked “What kind of creative spirit are you?” The response after the test was that I was a Spiritual leader. I looked back at the rest of my life and I have seen that spirituality is the richest area of my life that I enjoy exploring and I do see myself with leadership potential in this area. I know people have said to me that they could see me as a spiritual leader before I even took this quiz.

Two weeks to starting “Walking in this World.” Wednesday my second attempt at facilitating the talking circle.

Warm regards,

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NEW 12 week Artist’s Way journey Begins Monday June 28, 2010!!!

Greetings fellow travelers,

I am just a simple artist seeking others to walk the Artist’s Way with me online in one or more of my online Artist’s Way Circles which are FREE. We’re starting a NEW 12 week Artist’s Way journey starting June 28, 2010. This will be my 11th Artist’s Way journey and I have been walking the Artist’s Way for 14 years. I am currently working on editing and rewriting my novel “Two Step” which is a story of a Native American woman finding herself, her higher power, and true love. I am also writing a publishing plan to publish “Two Step.” Everyone is welcome on this journey, but I am especially looking for other novelists and writers to walk with me so I can connect with as I work on my book.
I wanted to share with you that I started The Artist’s Way Circle.  I started this circle 10 years ago from a wheelchair in a lot of pain suffering mental health symptoms due to a breakdown that caused me to have to drop out of art college. I craved connection to other artists so I dreamnt of an online artist’s way circle. So, I reached out to those traveling the artist’s way through my computer then was born The Artist’s Way Circle.

Thanks in advance,

NEW 12 week Artist’s Way journey Begins Monday June 28, 2010!!!


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June 28, 2010 – 12 week Artist’s Way Journey begins

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Sept 6,2010 – Week 10 Check In – Recovering a Sense of Self – Protection
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Moon Circle

“O sisters, let us remember the rhythms of our mother and our mother’s mother; the rhythms of life itself.”  B.Camera – MoonCircle tonight!

I set out to reconnect with the women’s spirituality. The power of the sacred feminine. I wasn’t sure where I was meant to be, but it was no surprise that I discovered the rightful place right under my nose.  It’s at the women’s retail store and wellness sanctuary that I often go to since it first opened. I have been consistently building relationships with the women who go there and it has been an exciting journey indeed. I heard of the Moon Circle, but I had never attended such a group to go. I felt inspired called.

So, I show up and I was pleased to already know half the group and the other half I didn’t know at all. I was caught in the mystery of the night and the new moon. The leader spoke of the power of women’s wisdom handed down the ages and she explained the significance of the moon and her different faces. I have heard about Grandmother moon all through my life, but when she spoke it was like I was introduced to Grandmother moon for the first time and she greeted me as her granddaughter.

We went around and lit our candles. But for some reason I striked the match over and over and I was not successful in lighting a flame. I know I get nervous around fire, perhaps I was afraid to let my light shine. However, that was okay because my sister next to me said “It’s okay just light your candle with my flame.” That made me feel supported, accepted, and loved.

We began to drum and I shooked my rattle and all of a sudden I was inspired to sing. The drum beats surrounded me with the resonance of the rattles shaking and my single lone voice rose. It just made me feel like I was sharing my gift of singing. It was very special. Later the leader said she appreciated that I shared my gift with the circle.

I liked eating this very tasty gourmet popcorn. It’s really good quality stuff with chocolate and such. It hit the right spot. I also enjoyed the pecan sandies. Then I went at writing my intentions for the new moon. I wrote out first for forgiveness. Then I asked to open my heart. Then I wrote about developing my novel which is something that was very important to me. I was so happy to be making these connections with my true intentions. Things are lining up indeed. I am grateful for that. Then I focused my intentions by the Love bridge and released them to the loving arms of the universe. That’s what matters to me the most.

Then I meditated upon my life and I discovered that yes my prayers are being carried to the Creator. I discovered that I have to allow for divine timing to happen. I also need to learn not to sabotage myself that I have the key to let myself out of my own prison. I also needed to realize that I am meant to be accompanied along this journey. Which I am truly grateful for.

Thank you so much Grandmother moon for embracing me as your granddaughter. Thank you for blessing me and for watching out for me. For guiding me. Thank you calling my name for introducing me to my sisters. For helping me to see my own inner light so powerful with my index finger I can charge a penny to stick on a wall for a long time by the power of my dreams.


Bodacious Buffy

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Refrigerator Altar

My Refrigerator Altar

I took a course in HOME ALTARS: Changing Your Consciousness at women retail store and wellness sanctuary. And through the group process I decided to create an altar in my refrigerator on one shelf. The guardian of my refrigerator is Hello Kitty which is fun and playful and forever a part of my life. So I got a pretty basket and filled it with oranges for good luck and then wrapped the basket with a Hawaiian leis. I made a pitcher of grape Koolaid my favorite childhood beverage. A box of Poptarts cause it’s my new found joy. A basket of seedless red grapes which in the Word represents charity. A bowl of cantaloupe represents sun and in appreciation we all dance and partake in the sun’s offerings. ~Buffy