Artist's Way

Buffy’s Artist’s Way Contract

Greetings fellow travelers,

I wanted to share with you my Artist’s Way Contract. I personally find it more meaningful when I make an artsy looking contract. I make it personal and special with deep meaning. My lucky number is 7 and I selected 7 bats because I was taught that the bat in the native teachings represent rebirth. I selected the flower blossoms for new growth. The butterfly for the power of transformation and creative expression. Then I used my signature logo that uses my spirit name Wabun anung which means Morning Star. I am very happy to honor my commitment to myself and my commitment to my creative recovery. I bolded the section on excellent self care because it’s so important that I take care of myself and not overextend myself when I help others. It’s very important that I walk in balance. I must lead by example in my Artist’s Way Circles.

I encourage you when you take the time to fill out your contracts that you make it very personal and special. That you make the commitment to honor your excellent self care too. I personally put my personal contract on the wall right in eye view so I can remind myself of this special commitment I made to myself.