Artist's Way

Early Memories

  1. Where did you live? I lived in Milwaukee, WI.
  2. Who took care of you? I was taken care of by my mother and my Gamma
  3. Did you have any pets? Gamma had Lucky and Spooky
  4. What was your earliest memory? Living in downtown Milwaukee
  5. What was your favorite book? What was your favorite toy? A book about a girl who finds a baby picture and it turns out to be her when she was a baby. Favorite toy flour play doh.
  6. Describe a smell from this stage of life? Baked Pecan Pie
  7. What was your favorite food? Pizza
  8. Describe a sound from your life. Buffy Sainte-Marie singing
  9. Describe a location where you spent your time. Park
  10. What other memories occur to you from this period? Did you discover anything in your Memoir that you’d like to explore in your Artist Date? I loved movies.

Source: “It Is Never Too Late To Begin Again.” by Julia Cameron p.6