Artist's Way

Check In June 24, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers,

I wrote 5 days out of 7 days in my Morning Pages. I decided to keep on using the Artist’s Way tools.

My Artist’s Date was reading Jennifer Lee’s “Right Brain Business Plan. I studied Business & Management at Alverno College where I took a small business course. I learned the traditional way of creating business plans. With the “Right Brain Business Plan” however I will be exploring other creative ways to express my business goals. So far I am enjoying reading the book. I was able to get a Kindle e-book for $7.99 and a free app to download on my PC and it’s been working very well. I am new to e-books, but I am enjoying them very much.

I walked twice to and from work. The temperature was very warm and I got winded very easily. However, I am glad that I walked.

Issue of recovery is that I decided to put my health first and starting Sunday July 1st I am starting “The Writing Diet” by Julia Cameron which focuses on health using Artist’s Way tools like Morning Pages, Artist’s Dates, and Walking. I know my greatest weight loss was during a time of intense writing on very core issues in my life and I could feel myself getting healthier day by day. I have assembled two support groups around me of Body Buddies, one online and one face to face. I have a Kindle version of the book on my PC and on my phone. I have already read through the book cover to cover and I feel I have sense of the direction of this course. I have decided to create the course to cover 12 weeks. First week is Part One covering all the tools, the second week from there on each week I will focus on two essays and two tasks. I am fond of the 12 week structure of the course. I am looking forward to my summer!

Warm regards,