Artist's Way

Artist’s Date: Listening to K-Love

Greetings fellow travelers,

Today, I enjoyed the day of indulging in listening to my favorite radio station Positive and Encouraging K- Love as my Artist’s Date which is spending quality time with myself.  What better way to enjoy myself than to take in the richness of the K-Love radio station.  I spent the  day with K-Love on for almost the entire day.  What a great way to spend my vacation day. I found myself really relaxing and I really enjoyed the feeling I have by listening to K-Love.  Serene. Calm. Rejuvenated. Restored. Loved.

I remember the first time I listened to K Love back in June 2009. I just lost my fiance and I was heartbroken because I lost the dream of marriage and children. I was now alone. I was scared about my future and somehow listening to K-Love calmed and soothed my fears. I listened to K-Love all day and all through the night constantly. I couldn’t get enough of it. K-Love was my life preserver which I clung to for dear life.

It was during this time that I discovered my all time favorite song “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North. I had suffered throughout my life of feelings of being unloved. In my darkest  moment, I even wrote a poem about how I felt titled “Unlovable.”  When “By Your Side” came on the radio I felt that it was God’s answer to my poem “Unlovable.” The lyric “Why are you searching for love” really resonated with me. I had grow up with various types of abuse and was in foster homes where I was abused even further. I was desperately seeking for someone to love me in my life. K-Love shared with me through the songs on the radio especially “By Your Side” that I don’t need to search for love anymore, that God loves me just as I am.

K-Love also offers a Prayer Request and Encouraging Word of the Day. I have used the Prayer Request online and on the phone several times when I was really struggling and having a very hard time in my life. I cherish having this extra support in my life. There are several times I had questions for God or was going through very difficult times and I was able to find the answers in the Encouraging Word of the Day.

I encourage you to give K-Love a try. Even if you can’t find a local station in your area you can listen to K-Love online. I pray that you are blessed on your journey.