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Hope for Lily

This is baby Lily Kealaokamaluhialani Dahl who needs to have open heart surgery with her mother Lokelani Dahl.

Greetings fellow travelers,

A friend in my Artist’s Way Circle had begun posting links about her baby granddaughter Lily Kealaokamaluhialani Dahl who needs open heart surgery. Lily is Native Hawai’ian related to the Ha’o family.  Lily’s Hawai’ian name is…”Pathway-of-heavenly-peace. ” They’re fundraising goal is $10,000 towards the baby’s heart surgery.  Lily’s fundraising page is at

Each time I saw my friend reposting her links for her baby granddaughter, my heart ached because I knew she was not close enough to meeting her fundraising goal. I thought about it for some time. All I could offer was my Heart Mandala artwork and some experience creating the Hope for Lily group to share about how to come up with prayers and fundraising ideas.

I believe in the power of prayer towards any endeavor. So I took the time to write this prayer on the onset of the Hope for Lily group.

Dear Great Creator,
My name is Wabun Anung (Morning Star)
I come to you to ask for prayers for Lily.
Lily needs great healing in her heart.
Fundraising is needed.

We need people to come together here
to come up with new fundraising efforts.
We ask to know your will
and the power to carry that out.
Please walk with us.
To all my relations,
Wenona “Buffy” Gardner