Artist's Way

R. Carlos Nakai – Song For The Morning Star

“Morning Star, there at the place where the sun comes up, you, who have the wisdom which we seek, help us in cleansing ourselves and all the people, that our generations to come will have light as they walk the sacred path. You lead the dawn as it walks forth, and also the day which follows with it’s light, which is knowledge. This you do for us and for all the people of the world, that they may see clearly in walking the holy path, that they may know all that is holy, and that they may increase in a sacred manner.”~ Black Elk

Artist's Way

Walking in This World Check in April 17, 2012


Greetings fellow travelers, 

I did 5/7 Morning Pages. It just slips my mind sometimes because I have so much going on especially with work. I am trying to put a newsletter together but the articles are coming in past the deadline which keeps throwing off my layout and printing schedule. I wrote two newsletter articles, “Cards of Hope” and “The Artist’s Way Circle.” I talked with a song writer and joined a Google+ songwriting group. My Artist’s Date was exploring which finally became open to everyone after 6 months of waiting to get in. It was cool to explore and find hidden coins, herbs, and books in the scenes. I am good at potions so far, but suck at casting spells and dueling. Synchronicity I really wanted to get into Pottermore and when I checked it was finally open to the public for the first time. The little kid in me was excited! My issue of recovery was to let outside problems go and not let it distract me from my own personal recovery. To keep moving forward. Rest if I must, but to keep taking steps again when I can. 

Warm regards,