Artist's Way

Birthday Adventures

My birthday appetizers at Outpost Food Cooperative by my boyfriend Bill. Organic blue corn tortilla chips in melted pepper jack and smoked Gouda cheeses, organic scallions, organic tomato and black olives, served with homemade Salsa del Norte

Greetings fellow travelers,

Well I made it back from Buffy’s Big Birthday adventure thrown by my boyfriend Bill. After a great birthday lunch at Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View, we stopped off at a friends’ spiritual store. Great people and great atmosphere and I already put the smudge spray they gifted to me on my Artist’s Altar. Then we went to Brookfield Square Mall for an Arby’s birthday dinner. Bill got me a little pink ninja for my altar to remember my special day together. We spent the entire day riding 7 buses and a cab ride today. Folks I am telling you I am one lucky woman to have such special boyfriend to shower so much love and attention on me. All day I had been enjoying reading all of your birthday messages to me I nearly used up all the battery of my cell phone! Thank you all for brightening my day and letting me know that I am held dearly in your hearts.

Week One of Writing Diet, I managed to write 5 days out of 7 days in my Morning Pages. Lately, I have been having dreams of feeling overwhelmed and negative about all the projects I am working on. I am able to write out about these feelings in my Morning Pages. Plus members in my Sparkling Path Finders group keep reminding me how I have various leadership roles and how I am an inspiration to them to keep going on their projects. I didn’t realize I made such an impact on people. That definitely shifted my perspective.

I walked everyday this week mostly 20 minutes each day with the exception of two days that I walked 60 minutes each. I noticed walking in the store recently that I have been able to get through the store easier which to me is a clear sign that daily walking is beginning to pay off for me.

I have been striving towards 8 cups of water daily. I have been successful at writing in my food journal everyday using the calendar app and memo app on my cell phone. It’s very convenient storing my food journal on my cellphone because it goes with me everywhere I go.

My Culinary Artist Date was at the Bay View Fork in the Road Café. Menu is at I enjoyed blue corn nachos, a char broiled cheese burger, and strawberry smoothie. I originally got a peach ginger smoothie but wow the ginger was soo powerful I couldn’t even drink it.

I talked with my nurse and therapist about doing The Writing Diet. I shared with them what I was doing including showing them my food journal and they both thought that I was on a very good path and to continue with The Writing Diet. I am grateful to have their blessings.

Warm regards,