Artist's Way

Artist Date: Painting!

Greetings fellow travelers,

Today’s Artist’s Date is Day 20 and I decided to paint. I am very happy to play with glitter and experiment. I kept seeing the image of a sunrise in my mind. I wanted to try to recreate the image I saw in my mind, but then I decided to add glitter. And I am pretty heavy handed with the glitter.  lol I have glitter in all sorts of rainbow colors and I had a fun time playing with color combinations.

It took me awhile to unblock so I could paint. I became blocked when I had to leave art college after an artist I loved took his life. It reminds me of the tragedy of Van Gogh. I basically stopped painting, but this time it’s coming back to me. I put on a DVD of the movie musical Mama Mia to help keep me in a good mood and it worked. The Mama Mia DVD also came with a bonus DVD of my favorite movie Xanadu. I have been in musical heaven for the last couple of days. Great sound track on both of them and I was singing along as I painted. It felt good that painting felt good for a change. I could paint for the sake of painting. I never know what to do with my paintings though I tend to give them away. On my walk past the golf course today I ran into a local art friend who told me he is planning to open an art gallery downtown and he invited me to show my paintings there. I felt very happy about that. Just when I began to paint an opportunity to show my work was brought to my attention. What a beautiful synchronicity.

This is an image of a woman that bubbled up while painting. She has purple eyes and green & blue hair. I often when I painted would paint women’s faces with strange patterns, colors, or images.  Some say they’re my self portrait of my otherworldly self. I don’t know I just enjoy creating them. One time when I was in a foster home I would decorate a painting of a woman with bubbles surrounding her hair. I like to play around with the images and there are alot of great things to explore in the world. I was unbelievably happy to be painting again. I covered a piece of paper with paint with a preliminary painting then I reproduced it on 8×11 canvases.