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Walking in This World Check In June 19, 2012

Greetings fellow travelers,

I first want to extend gratitude for all of you who have been reading and following my check ins as I journey in Walking in This World. I have completed the 12th and final week of Walking in This World. I am amazed how the time just flew by. I am grateful for all the positive friendships I have made along this journey. Thank you to The Artist’s Way Circle and the Sparkling Path Walkers for being so supportive and loving to me as I went on this adventure. The friendships that have developed and grown during this particular journey have been priceless. I feel like such a blessed person to have known you and had the privilege to walk with you as well. Thank you so much.

I wrote 5/7 Morning Pages this past week. I didn’t always write a full three pages because I think I just was ready for the 12 week cycle to come to an end.

My Artist’s Date I would have liked to have was a chance to see George Takei (Mr. Sulu) at the Lakefront Festival of the Arts in Milwaukee, WI. Unfortunately, I did not have sufficient funds to make this happen. But I did enjoy viewing pictures of the festival including one with George Takei standing next to a sculpture of a woman at the Milwaukee Art Museum. What I ended up doing was playing online games because they were free. I have been a long time fan of Hidden Chronicles since the game first came out. I like solving hidden puzzle games. Some of the artwork in the scenes are so beautiful including some wonderful music. Many scenes take you to places around the world and of different cultures. Lately, I have been also playing a lot of Bingo because it helps take my mind off my worries.

I did some my walking around my neighborhood from the clinic to my home and also around the downtown area. As of right now it’s still spring and we have had some cool and refreshing walking weather.

Issue of recovery is planning for the right next step. I have talked with members of The Artist’s Way Circle and there are a few that want to do the “Writing Diet” by Julia Cameron. I am interested in putting my health number one this summer so I also would like to do the Writing Diet. I was thinking for the food journaling I could take pictures of the food that I am going to eat using my smart phone. I also would like to use the Kindle App for PC and Android phone to purchase a Kindle version of the “Writing Diet” for $7.99. This will be the first Kindle purchase for me and I am interesting to see how it will turn out. In July 11th I am planning a special celebration for my birthday. In August I am going to be a Camp NaNoWriMo rebel and rewrite my romance novel “Two Step” a story of a Native American woman searching for herself, her higher power, and true love .I am doing “Finding Water,” Julia Cameron’s 3rd Artist’s Way book in the Fall.  From now til December I plan on working on my business plan. I feel that the time is right to focus on this project now and I believe that I can accomplish this goal within 6 months. I plan to use this blog and my YouTube channel to share my progress on my journey of self employment. So many wonderful things coming up. Please stay tuned for the latest developments.

Warm regards,