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Artist’s Date: Mission Take Pictures At Park

Greetings fellow travelers,

Today’s adventures led me to my local park on a gorgeous sunny day! I felt awesome. Now I am trying to follow the Artist’s Dates suggestions in the Artist’s Date Book by Julia Cameron but today’s suggestion is to do a headstand and that honestly I am not going to even attempt with all the back problems I have. So, I decided to take my digital camera and take pictures in my local park.

I went excessive and I easily took 245 photos and 4 videos and I just had so much fun experimenting and it was a blast. It was amazing and I was having a very exciting. As I was taking pictures I saw yellow daffodils, walked past ducks sitting in the grass, and I saw three geese fly just over my head as I was focusing my photos. It felt so good to try different things. I never took a photography class before I just winged what I was doing. I tried out different angles of lighting. I was playing around with the features of my camera to figure it out. I had it on the wrong setting but realized some pictures looked kinda interesting set like that. Some warped the view of the pictures of my self portraits but it kinda gave it a circus mirror effect which I find amusing. It also made me considered how distorted my life and self have become as today is the first day of my vacation for a week off of work. The first in like 3 years.  So, yeah I am excited.

I walked along the river and I sat in my favorite spot with tobacco in my hand to talk to the Creator.  I could hear the river talking back at me.  I poured out my heart of all that I have suffered and feared going on in my life. I prayed and asked for help and protection. I asked for healing. I watched the river take away my worries as I cried. I went from extreme jubilation of taking so many pictures in the sun and then winded up going down the river where the sun was setting, I was cold, and I sat in a shadow weeping over the painful things I have been recently going through. It’s been too long to have gone without a vacation. It’s been too long to neglect my innermost needs. I walked over the bridge and let my troubles go.

I decided to go to the store for a deck of playing cards and some batteries. They had buy one get one free so I stocked up on batteries cause I knew I want to take more videos and pictures during my vacation. I feel more energized about doing my blog now that I have a digital camera and I can take original pictures to post. When  I had walked to the store I was greeted with a large metallic sunflower and a dragonfly a huge conformation to me that yes I am on the right path and to trust it.

I decided to take the bus instead of the cab. My regular route wouldn’t come for a long time, but the other route that drops me off a couple of blocks away from my home I decided to ride on that. On came a little old lady in a white and flowerly handkerchief in her hair and a large cart. She sat beside me and began to point out the landmarks of my city and telling me the history behind them. My bus stop came up quickly, but I decided to ride the full route just so I could continue to hear this dear woman’s story. She spoke of many lessons. She used to be a nun for 40 years of the School Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi which was linked to my college Alverno. She told me of the life of a nun.  Sharing the history of her family. She was outpouring her life in the precious amount of time that I had with her. I would share the stories I heard of my great grandmothers and my heritage. She told me about spotting a white owl twice which I found fascinating. The main lesson she told me directly before I needed to get off the bus is that to learn from everything in life.  What a powerful message I needed to hear that. I extended my hand and thanked her and told her my name. She said she loved our visit and then invited me to come by her house. Now this is women’s spirituality in action.



Your Love is my light: Artist’s Date – Nap

Your Love is my light
Sun of all my mornings
Fire of all my nights.

Today, I was following the Artist’s Datebook by Julia Cameron which today’s mission was to take a nap.  There is a favorite spot I like to go on my Artist’s Dates and that is a women’s spirituality and wellness sanctuary. I am such a hopeless romantic and crave a deep connection to women’s spirituality and this sacred space there is what seems to fill my needs. I was able to go there today in the sitting area and get a cup of black tea with Splenda and I picked my favorite chair and I listened to the water fountain babbling at me and the 60s songs playing on the radio. The store owner came in and spoke with me and I told her how I was so exhausted and she recommended I drink some cranberry juice.  She said just relax and rest…so I took her up on the offer.

I curled up in that chair and began to drift. I felt extremely safe there,  relaxed, and let go. I needed to detach from a stressful day of work where there was back to back long meetings on stressful topics.  I was hurting. My heart and soul heavy and sank. I just let it go.  Somehow in this sacred place I am able to do that.  I have been establishing new boundaries  it has been heart wrenching for me and my soul grieves by the drastic but necessary changes as I pursue self love. I am learning to stay away from unhealthy situations on all levels.  I am learning to love myself so much and care about myself enough to walk away from hurtful people and relationships.  It’s not easy for me to set up such boundaries.  Wondering who to embrace and who to let go.

So this was in my being and I was troubled by all the things that were happening. A nap was something I desperately needed. As I laid in this chair I was seeking comfort. As I rested I heard a gentle loving male voice spoke to me. Words of love and hope. I dreamnt laying my head next to his head and his arm wrapped around me. He kept speaking very softly to me and I felt comforted by his presence. I felt much calmer and more confident that I was on the right path. He spoke to me of words of love. I felt my heart grow warm and I felt surrounded and filled by his love and light. I sank into a deeper deeper rest. I was grateful and still am grateful for his support and love.  I lingered in the bask of his love for as long as could.

When I awaken, I felt renewed and recharged, I felt that my heart was singing of hope and that brighter days were ahead. That I was going through the grief  and mourning and coming out full of joy. With that I walked in the summery glittery sunshine to the grocery store and I bought myself cranberry juice.



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