Artist's Way

Raw Fun Big

Greetings fellow travelers,

Today’s suggestion for the day’s Artist’s Date from the Artist’s Date Book was to get new sheets which I set on a journey to find. I walked to a local gas station for hot dogs with ketchup and relish, an orange, and diet Mountain Dew. After, I had lunch I went to the park to pass time til the bus arrived. I looked at the playground and I saw this sign that could spell letters. Most of it was already spelled out and I spelled out raw on the top. So, I decided to make the theme for the day as “Raw Fun Big.” That sounds exciting.

I arrived at Walmart ready to shop for my sheets and get a few items and get out of there, but then I started looking over the whole store for film opportunities. Everywhere I went I was taking film clips. I was very excited about looking at everything for interesting shots to film. I found these deep purple  250 thread count sheets from Better Homes and Gardens.  Finally, as my cart kept getting fuller and fuller I spent a lot of money, but I got alot of needed items and I was happy with that. I struggled carrying 5 bags home on two buses. And I accidentally cut my finger while hauling my goodies home. I had a couple of my newly bought Cherry Pop Tarts when I got home.

When I got home I pulled out my Native American flute and began to record playing the Native American flute after Sonicsuns told me that I should post more videos of me playing the Native American flute.  Sure why not? I will take the suggestion. I mean I have been looking for new suggestions for videos to do. It’s quite fun trying to find interesting and new ways to merge my Native American flute songs with new images. I thought why not merge them with the Walmart footage?