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Walking in This World Check In June 7, 2012

Greetings fellow travelers,

I first wanted to talk about the video I attached to this post. During the summer every Friday downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin come together to celebrate Friday Night Live with lots of live music. In addition to Friday Night Live, on June 1, 2012 there was an additional celebration honoring Waukesha as Gibson Guitar Town. All throughout Waukesha are these 10 foot tall guitars decorated by local artists. While all this was going on there was also a flash mob brought on by the local Waukesha High School Orchestra in the middle of Clinton and Main St. Lots of excitement going on around town. This video is about the Flash Mob.

A picture I took of one of the artistically decorated 10 ft tall guitars celebrating Waukesha as Guitar Town. This guitar is located at the corner of Clinton and Main St. in downtown Waukesha, WI.

With that said I took off a week during Memorial Day Week. It was a nice break. Today I am doing the check in for week 10 in Walking in This World by Julia Cameron.

I did four out of seven days worth of Morning Pages. Taking off a week threw the momentum of my journey off and took awhile to get back into again.

My Artist’s Date was to play a lot of Bingo. I actually came in first place during one game. The Bingo caller sounded like a pirate. I generally like to play with three bingo cards at the same time. Anything less it’s too boring and anymore is more too challenging to keep up. Three cards is a nice steady pace I can keep up and still have a moment to breath. I enjoyed myself a lot. I sometimes like activities like this that help me to focus on something other than my worries and fears. It takes my mind off my problems.

I had a long 30 minute walk from the clinic to my house. I took a leisurely pace and paused many times on my journey. The air was refreshingly cool and very comfortable weather to walk in.

During the month of May in the writing streak challenge I wrote 30,000 words. I didn’t realize I wrote so much until I kept track of it all.

My issue of recovery is to give myself credit for what I do and accomplish. I find myself constantly cutting myself down not taking the time to assess all that I am doing right. I often feel that I am not good enough. While there are so many people around me that keep telling me I do good work. These people are good people and I think I should listen to what they are saying about me.

Warm regards,