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The Artist’s Way Circle presents Coming Alive Party!

The Artist’s Way Circle presents Coming Alive Party!


Saturday, October 19, 2013


Waukesha, WI 53188

Kick off the next Artist’s Way journey together. Also for writers to celebrate the upcoming NaNoWriMo. It’s potluck so please bring a dish to pass.

Please register to RVSP through Meetup which is free and to see the location of the event. 


Happy Anniversary Bill and Buffy!

Happy Anniversary Bill and Buffy!

Today is Bill and I’s anniversary. Bill and I first met in Waukesha, WI in 2003. Since then Bill and I have been walking a path of healing and creative recovery together as part of The Artist’s Way Circle. We both walked alongside each other as we did 12 weeks of The Artist’s Way journey and 12 weeks of Walking in This World the second Artist’s Way book. Today, Bill and I are Co-Administrators of The Artist’s Way Circle, Waukesha Gaming Group, and Mohican-7

Rainbow Blessings

Waukesha, WI on Sunday August 19, 2012

Greetings fellow travelers,

I went out to go on my Culinary Artist Date at a new local restaurant that just opened that week. While there, I was watching part of the movie RV with Robin Williams on the TV over head. My chicken sandwich was tasty with seasonings, greens, tomatoes, and mayo. I enjoyed the tangy taste of the potato salad. I sampled some cheese curds with rich creamy ranch dressing while sipping lemonade. I also had some ice cream covered with peaches. Overall, it was very satisfying meal at a good price. Rain had been down pouring just outside as I ate my meal. I knew that by the way the sun came shining that there was a good chance that there would be a rainbow. Sure enough as I stepped out of the restaurant I spotted the rainbow in the sky. I made sure to snap the picture. I am always emotionally moved by seeing a rainbow. I feel like I receive many blessings when I see a rainbow.

My Morning Pages I managed to write two out of seven days. Lately, I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed by all the projects and responsibilities I have. It makes it more challenging for me to do everything when I feel tired. I later found out I was sick with swollen tonsils. I had to spend time taking care of my health.

I managed to walk two walks of 20 minutes this past week. I made some changes to drink more water. I have been doing my best to keep tracking my food and water intake in my cell phone.

I reached 40,004 words in my Memoirs during Camp NaNoWriMo. Looking at the last two weeks of Camp NaNoWriMo. I ordered a Camp NaNoWriMo t-shirt on August 6, 2012 and I am still waiting to receive it. I wonder when I will receive it?

Warm regards,

Walking in This World Check In May 8, 2012



Here is my winning photo from Clinton St. Gallery Action Photo Contest held during the Art Crawl May 5, 2012.

Greetings fellow travelers,

I’m in Week 7 of Walking in This World.

I wrote 6/7 Morning Pages this week. One day rushed by me so fast that when I looked up I realized that I missed one day.

I wrote 1,807 words bringing my total to 11,586 words at #writingstreak.

My Artist’s Date I spent at the Waukesha Art Crawl on Saturday May 5, 2012. Art Crawl is a quarterly event where downtown Waukesha turns into live music and the galleries bring out their best work for people to stroll around and see. This is the first time I used my new camera to vlog out in the community. My Waukesha Art Crawl video I created can be seen here  My senses were on high seeking out the best snippets of footage I wanted to cover in my video journal. I am totally inspired by CTFxC with Charles and Alli Trippy who do daily vlogs everyday going on their fourth year. I found one day to be challenging. I brought all my clips home and I edited a single video to describe my adventure which I did at night. Working with my new camera and the Movie Maker editing software I realized I have a lot to learn. So far, I have been receiving good feedback. One person said I looked like I was having so much fun that they wanted to come and do it too. Several people liked my video. Strange though my video has black borders and I am not sure how they got on there or how to remove them. I also realized releasing the video on an early Sunday morning may not have been the best time to release the video. I might have done better releasing it early Monday morning. Working on the video portion of my Artist’s Date extended my Artist’s Date well beyond an hour.

Walking around the Waukesha Art Crawl both before, during, and after my Artist’s Date went well over an hour. I discovered I was filming things that sparkled like sculptures made of glass mosaic pieces and sparkly beads from Beading Hearts. I took a couple of photos of Ryan Peters from Clinton St. Gallery firing Raku pottery plus I made a short video clip of him in action and I submitted them to Clinton St. Gallery for contest where the prize is of $30 for pottery gift certificate. I just found out that I won the Photo Contest at the Waukesha Art Crawl.

Synchroncity is that I was taking pictures of Ryan Peters of him firing the Raku and I then went to sit down by Steaming Cup when all of a sudden he shouted to me “You’re gonna win the contest!” I hadn’t told him I was going to enter and I thought my boyfriend might have mentioned it to him I was entering the contest, but my boyfriend said he hadn’t told Ryan. I guess I had that determined look on my face. Good thing so far after I submitted the photos and the video clip to Clinton St. Gallery they indicated that they liked all three of my entries.

Issue of recovery is that though I got only 26 views on my first day of uploading my vlog of the Waukesha Art Crawl. I had worked so hard on the video I don’t want to let myself be discouraged because I know I am still learning how to make vlogs in the community, how to present them, and how to promote them.

Warm regards,


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